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This is a downloadable asset pack, for a fantasy themed roguelike or RPG game.

This package includes 128 different creatures. 

Current goal is to animate all monsters, with one simple animation.

Screenshots contain separate fantasy tile pack that will be available soon for purchase.

Playable characters:

  • warrior
  • hunter
  • rogue
  • mage
  • priest


  • v.0.6.0 : Added 128 frame animations.
  • v.0.5.5: centipede, mosquito, skeleton archer, burning skeleton, crab, ghost spider, bee, sorrowsworn
  • v0.5.0: kenku, satyr, hippogriff, meateater plant, weretiger, mudman, octopus, womanscorpion
  • v0.4.5: mist, yeti, minotaur, lamia, manticore, electric elemental, magma elemental, mimic
  • v0.4.0: warewolf, moth, phasespawn, grimlock, imp, red dragon, locathah, medusa
  • v0.3.5: eyehorror, chaos screamer, frog, toad, harpy, fungoid, genie, ettin
  • v0.3.0: displacer beast, umber hulk, orc shaman master, angel, white worm, crabman, crawling claw, aquatic elf
  • v0.2.5: succubus, orb, elder horror, poltergeist, nightmare, drow spider, snakeman, brain sucker)
  • v0.2.0: banshee, couatl, cyclops, death knight, shadow demon, marilith, gnoll, drow elf
  • v.0.1.5: eagle, moose, fox, rabbit, owl, snail, lynx, death spider
  • snake ( 4 kind)
  • spider (1 kind)
  • ghost
  • wasp
  • bat
  • ant
  • pink jelly
  • scorpion
  • scarab
  • skeleton
  • orc
  • bird
  • goblin
  • demon
  • water elemental
  • air elemental
  • earth elemental
  • fire elemental
  • troll
  • zombie
  • vampire
  • beholder
  • flying skull
  • floating eye
  • salamander
  • mummy
  • evil mage
  • cultist
  • wolf
  • lizardman
  • birdman
  • animated armor
  • stone golem
  • dark elf hunter
  • dark elf mage
  • wyvern
  • aquaticman
  • dwarf
  • worm
  • bear
  • witch
  • gargoyle
  • gremlin
  • centaur
  • two guards
  • sprite


Get this monster asset pack and 1 more for $18.00 USD
View bundle
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In order to download this monster asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

fmp-0.6.0.zip 593 kB


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I bought it and used it.
Can I change the color of the monster?

Sorry for the late reply!  Itch.io didn't noticed me.

Sure, you can change the color of the monsters.

(1 edit)

thx ^^

Do you have any plans to make more monsters?

I am still adding few new animations. After that, we will see. :)

this is the art style i was looking for but sadly no animation or i would have picked it up without a second thought but it looks like you update regularly so i will keep that in mind and keep checking back

Soon I will finish remaining sprites, and continue on animation.  You can follow me to get status on updates. :)

I really like this style. did you every get around to animating them?

Not yet.  When I reach my goal of 128 monster I will start to animate them. :) 

What pixel size are the sprites?

they are 32x32px